Linea Verde

  Alilaguna Linea Verde is a group excursion to visit the venetian islands of Murano, Torcello and Burano.


By sailing to reach your first destination, you will cross St. Mark’s Basin and sail along the Biennale Gardens, getting every metre more into the core part of this tour at the discovery of the islands of the Venetian lagoon. 

On board you will have multilingual explanations provided by the guide, and you can get in touch with a lot of different islands: St. George The Major, St. Servolo, St. Lazzaro of Armenians, and also Lido, Certosa and St. Michele islands. 

Sooner than you think you will reach the first stop of the tour: since 1295, Murano has been known as “the island of glass” and still today it is extremely famous for the glass processing and its peculiar techniques.

After admiring the master glassmakers at work, the sailing goes on to reach Torcello, the island where the venetian community was born and where a lot of venetian history has been written. The Santa Maria Assunta Basilica, located in the centre of the island, belongs to the 7th century and, together with the wonderful mosaics conserved there, they are worth a visit.

Last but not least, you will reach the island of Burano, where you can get lost between the huge amount of streets and colours of the island. Actually, each house in the past has been painted with a different vivid colour, in order to let the fishermen who came back home easily recognise their houses even during the days with really bad weather. 

In Burano there are two more musts to be done: seeing the lace production and decoration made by the artisans inside the shops, and tasting the typical “buranei” biscuits in the numerous bakeries present on the only square of the island.


  • Duration: 4,5 h from San Marco Giardinetti / 5,5 h from Santa Lucia Railway Station

  • Languages: depending on the selected ride, the tour could be provided in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German. More info available at our ticket offices. 

  • Price: 25€ per person.

  • Meeting points: Santa Lucia Railway Station, Alilaguna Zattere pier, Alilaguna San Marco Giardinetti Reali.

  • Staying on each island: 45 minutes approx. 

  • Participants: 4 people is the minimum number of participants.  

  • Schedule: everyday (except for Christmas Day, December 25th)

Timetable from 25/04/2024

Tronchetto  Giudecca
Zattere San Marco
Lido Languages
09:00 09:10 09:18 09:22 09:30 09:51 IT EN 
09:30 09:40 09:48 09:52 10:00 10:21 IT EN
10:30  10:40 10:48 10:52 11:00 11:21 ​ IT EN 
11:00 11:10 11:18 11:22 11:30 11:51  IT EN  
11:30 11:40 11:48 11:52 12:00 12:21 IT EN ES
12:30 12:40 12:48 12:52 13:00 13:21 IT EN
13:30 13:40 13:48 13:52 14:00  14:21 IT EN   
14:00 14:10 14:18 14:22 14:30 14:51 IT EN