Alilaguna tickets to move around Venice can be purchased through this online shop or at the ticket offices and official resale shops.

Useful Information

Ticket validation

  • ticket has to be validated at the appropriate ticket machines located at the entrances of embarkation areas;
  • has to be retained for the entire journey  and/or up to the end of its validity (round-trip ticket, 24 or 72 hour tickets);
  • when required, has to be showed to ticket inspectors/Alilaguna personnel;


  • ticket is valid until the passenger disembarks;
  • if it is a round trip ticket it has to be correctly retained and used within 30 days from arrival validation. For the return it has to be validated on the appropriate space and upon passenger disembark it is no more valid;
  • 24 and/or 72 hour tickets end their validity after 24 and/or 72 hours upon ticket issue;
  • it is not possible to book the seat, ticket does not give right to a reserved seat;
  • unused ticket, if non-validated, can be used again, but if in the meantime price has been increased it will be no more valid.
For all other details we invite you to read our Conditions of carriage.