Alilaguna tickets can be purchased on this online shop, at the ticket offices or at the official resale shops.


Ticket validation

  • The ticket - or the subscription card - has to be correctly validated before getting on board, using one of these methods: by scanning the QR Code through the proper ticket machines located at the entrances of the embarkation areas or by the manual validation provided by the dedicated staff;

  • The ticket has to be retained for the entire ride up to moment of getting off the boat and/or until the end of its validity (round-trip tickets, 24 or 72 hours tickets, subscriptions);

  • The ticket - or the subscription card - has to be shown at any moment the ticket inspectors and the Alilaguna on-board staff may require it. 



  • The single ticket validity ends when the passengers reach their destination and get off the boat;

  • The roundtrip ticket needs to be correctly stored and it has to be used within 30 days from the first validation date. If this is a round trip ticket, it has to be correctly retained and used within 30 days from arrival validation. To use it for the return ride, it needs to be validated again in the appropriate area, and this second validation determines the expiration of the ticket.

  • Timed tickets (24 and/or 72 hours tickets) end their validity when, starting from the ticket issuance moment, 24 and/or 72 hours have passed;

  • There is no possibility to book the seats, actually the purchased ticket does not give any right to have a reserved seat;

  • An unused ticket, only if it has not been validated, can be used in a different moment, except for cases of tickets expiration due to fare changes and increases. 


Subscription regulation:

  • The subscription gives passengers the access to the corresponding rides, according to the purchased option, during the time of validity. 

  • The subscription card is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties.

  • The subscription is issued, on customer’s request, at the Alilaguna ticket offices in charge of it.

  • If the passenger owns the Venezia Unica card with a current and valid ACTV subscription, he/she can purchase the Alilaguna subscription at a reduced fare.

  • If the Alilaguna subscription card gets stolen or lost, the owner needs to immediately inform the competent office about the fact, by calling the phone number +39 0412401701 or by sending an email to or by going to one of the ticket offices in charge of the subscriptions’ issuance. Subsequently to reporting the subscription’s theft or loss, the owner can request and obtain a new subscription card with the same validity as the original - stolen or lost - one.

  • If the subscription card is not intact, due to the owner’s negligence, he/she has to request a new copy for the same card by sending a written request to the email address or, in case this is not possible, by going to one of the ticket offices in charge of it.
For all other details we invite you to read our Conditions of carriage.