Conditions of sale

Terms and Conditions to which Alilaguna SpA offers users access to some of its services through its website.


By using the services available on the website, you agree to the following terms and conditions. The site is provided and maintained by Alilaguna SpA, headquartered in Isola del Tronchetto n°34, 30135, Venice.
The site manages the online sale of certain services related to the scheduled public transport provided by Alilaguna SpA, upon registration and payment of the fees indicated.

Instructions for online purchase of tickets

To purchase services on-line registration is required. Registration is free of charge. To purchase tickets online on you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The user who does not agree to the terms and conditions, or not allowing the processing of personal data for the service offered, will not be able to purchase online services. The tickets purchased online are only those of the following types:

  • Airport – Lido or Venice or Cruise Terminal one way and roundtrip
  • Airport – Murano one way and roundtrip
  • Cruise Terminal – Venice one way and roundtrip
  • Cruise Terminal – Lido or Murano one way and roundtrip
  • San Marco – Lido or Murano corsa one way and roundtrip
  • Alilaguna 24 hours
  • Alilaguna 72 hours

All rates are quoted in Euros and inclusive of VAT.

To make a purchase on the user must:

  • Choose type and quantity of tickets to be purchased by adding them to your shopping basket;
  • accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy;
  • follow directions, registering the site with the inclusion of their data (resulting in the creation of accounts that will be confirmed by sending automatic email);
  • making the payment, which is permitted only with credit card through safe connection, through the gateway bank Monetaonline - Setefi or PayPal;
  • Once the payment is confirmed you must verify the charge on your credit card.

As soon as payment is received, a voucher will be issued as proof of purchase showing the reservation number, a summary of the types and quantity of tickets purchased, indicating the relative rates and instructions for the ticket collection from the ticket desk. The voucher will be sent by email to the email address provided at time of registration to the Web site of Alilaguna SpA and may be submitted at any ticket office Alilaguna SpA.

Please note:
The voucher is not a valid ticket.

It is necessary to present the voucher at any of the official Alilaguna ticket desks, where it will be converted into the ticket. The user that purchases online tickets, declaires to have understood, accepted and signed the Terms and Conditions set.

For each subsequent purchases the user can just enter the username and password: Alilaguna SpA reserves the right to update the list of accounts, delete the unused ones for more than 6 months. In this case the user will proceed to register again.

A voucher has to be used within 24 months from purchase date. Only exception is in case of a service booked on a specific date, which will be the only one valid for voucher use.

Information and content

Information from Alilaguna S.p.A. available on our site are updated in real time and of which we have the rights. Alilaguna S.p.A. disclaims any liability with regard to the information, including advertising on the site relating to third parties and from third parties, not having the availability of the content of such information.

Privacy: See our Privacy Policy.

Communications and Notifications

Any legal notices and / or notifications will be made to the registered office of Alilaguna SpA and the email address you provide during the registration process. Alternatively Alilaguna S.p.A. may decide to send a legal notice to the address provided during registration.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

For all matters not provided above and for any disputes the Italian law will apply under the the Court of Venice competence.